**Please note that we do not install gutter guards on gutters that are built into slate roofs.

Having gutters on your home can be quite the double-edged sword. On the one hand, they protect your fascia from rotting out due to constant water running across the board. They also protect your foundation from water damage due to constant splashing and erosion. But on the other hand, the upkeep on their proper function feels like a never-ending chore and a massive money-hole.

(ABOVE) A common example of neglected gutters.

For most homes in the Triangle area, you are left dealing with full gutters multiple times per year. Naturally, you have to deal with the gorgeous precipitation of leaves in autumn, and then you clean your gutters. But then you have to deal with all the gruesome precipitation of all the ugly stuff during the great pollen storms of spring, so you have to clean your gutters again. Some folks opt for once per year gutter cleaning, but we have other clients who are on monthly, quarterly, or twice-per-year maintenance plans.

This frequent gutter cleaning can leave homeowners feeling drained in their heads and drained in their wallets.

(ABOVE) Pine State owner, David Berry, with his “Catch of the Year.” Circa 2017


The average gutter cleaning job in Raleigh (or elsewhere in the Triangle) can range from $150 to $350. So, let’s say $250 is the average for a once-per-year home in our area. If we account for a rise in price every 4 to 5 years, we should assume that gutter cleaning price will be around $275 around the 5-year mark.

So, let’s do some math:

8-year projection:

-$250 x 5 years (1st 5 years) = $1,250

-$275 x 3 years (years 6 through 8) = $825

-Repeated scheduling calls and emails, frequent transactions, worry about damages, etc. = Anxiety

This projection tells us that across 8 years, the average homeowner will spend around $2,075 on gutter maintenance if they only perform gutter cleaning once per year. Sure, these numbers could be more or less on your home, but the installation cost tends to follow the same pattern as the cleaning costs: bigger homes cost more for gutter cleaning AND ALSO cost more for gutter guard installation. Same for smaller homes.

This quote does not account for the added cost of clearing packed clogs from downspouts, sewer-jetting underground piping that’s full of debris, or other factors. These are things you would not have to worry about if you had a Pine State gutter guard system.

For about the same cost, that homeowner can hire Pine State to professionally install high quality gutter guards that will keep debris out of the gutters! See below for additional information and pricing.


Overfull gutters and clogged downspouts WILL eventually lead to damages or issues somewhere around your home. There are countless issues that someone could encounter, here are a few:

  • The weight of the water and debris is too heavy for the gutters, and the gutter spikes actually pull out of the fascia board causing the gutter to sag and hang. Eventually, it may fall off altogether.
  • The water overflows back towards the house (very common) and rots the fascia. Repairs include: remove gutters, replace wood, caulk, paint, re-attach gutters. Estimated cost is a minimum of $1,000, generally more.
  • The water and debris create heavy moisture conditions and the soft, wet debris pushes up against the rafter ends or the edges of the roof deck. This will lead to rot that is much more expensive to fix than fascia boards.
  • Soft rotting wood is a haven for various insects such as carpenter ants, argentine ants, and more.
  • Constant overflow of dirty water leaves bad permanent stains on gutters.
  • Heavy clogs in downspout elbow require additional labor (which means more money) to disassemble downspouts, clear the clogs, and reinstall them. This is the most common “extra expense” we see in standard gutter cleaning services.
  • Debris continuously enters downspout and goes into underground piping. This underground piping is 99% of the time corrugated, with deep ridges. The debris catches onto the ridges and builds up until it is no longer allowing water to flow out. So, the water shoots out of the top of the underground piping and creates all sorts of land erosion issues.
  • Heavy mud and debris built up in your gutters create an eco-system for bugs such as ant dwellings, waterbugs, and cockroaches. These can easily enter the home through the roof seams or vented soffits.
  • Repeated overflowing (from clogged gutters) can erode away foundation support, expose footings, and cause damage to the foundation such as mortar damage, concrete abrasion, etc.
  • Repeated overflowing can cause water to enter the crawlspace through erosion, splatter, and flooding at the foundation. This creates conditions for mold and mildew in the crawlspace.

All of the above-mentioned issues are 100% legitimate concerns and are damages and issues we see on a daily basis when we are contracted to clean gutters! Usually, the gutters are full and have been full for a while, so we can see the damages.

CASE IN POINT: Take a look at this picture below. The homeowner had been clearing out the gutters once per year, but all of the debris that kept falling into the downspouts accumulated and eventually a TREE began growing up through the downspout, and eventually came out of the top of the downspout. We had to cut the downspout with a hacksaw to get it disassembled, and then reinstall a brand-new downspout. Had the homeowner just installed gutter guards, OR had hired us for professional gutter cleaning, this never would have happened.

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Pine State uses only the highest quality guards on the market. Each section of gutter guard is measured on-site and custom-cut to fit your gutters. There are special processes for overlaps, inside elbows, outside elbows, edges, bay windows, and more. The guards are then fastened to your gutter and fascia. Fastening to your fascia board allows for increased rigidity if the tree-debris piles on top and becomes heavy, not to mention that it strengthens the entire gutter system.

All of Pine State’s technicians are expertly trained before being put to the test on the Pine State owner’s home (where they are heavily scrutinized for their work).

Viewing the video below, you will notice that despite a heavy pile of debris (pine, oak, etc), water still flows off the roof and into the gutters, flawlessly making its way to the downspouts. Our gutter guards are essentially keeping your gutters working as intended year-round.


We don’t just show up, put in your guards, collect a check, and then bail. Aside from the professional gutter guard installation practices mentioned above, every client receives the following:

  • 12-year labor and product warranty, provided by Pine State.
  • 25-year clog-free guarantee, provided by manufacturer and by Pine State.
  • Maintenance plan on 3-year intervals. (Some homes may require more frequent cleaning intervals)
  • Reduced cleaning price for the life of the home (vs gutters without guards).
  • Free inspections during routine interval cleaning visits.
  • Free repairs/replacements during warranty run.
  • Option to re-purchase warranty at the 12-year mark. Price would be a percentage of your initial installation price + a nominal increase to account for inflation (when applicable). Inspection required (free).
  • Extensive installation and warranty notes filed and maintained by Pine State. Accessible to all clients upon request.
  • Pine State’s renowned customer service and tight scheduling process.
  • Owner David Berry’s personal guarantee – “Warranty or not, we will honor our work. Always.”


  • Fits new or existing gutters.
  • Does not interfere with roof shingles.
  • Invisible from the ground.
  • Can handle any downpour.
  • Unique front and rear attachment strengthen entire gutter system.
  • Prevents animals from nesting.
  • Available in white or dark bronze.
  • Available for 5″, 6″, or 7″ gutters. For 7 inch, allow additional time for product allocation.


Pine State cannot always guarantee the most perfect cosmetic fit. We are, and always will be, at the mercy of the initial gutter fabrication and installation. Occasionally, we may be forced to modify our installation process because of this. If additional fees will be incurred, we will ALWAYS seek approval before continuing forward. Please note that this is a rare occurrence.

There are numerous issues that can lead to poor-looking gutter guards. The gutters may be warped from age, inferior quality materials (such as cheap or defective aluminum), rotted fascia (causing the gutters to pull away from the house), dents from falling tree branches, or from previous ladder placement against the gutter (which has bent and warped the gutters). Any one of these issues may cause the gutter guard to “stick up” and look “wavy” in places between the fasteners. This is purely a minor cosmetic issue, but one that is entirely out of our control. It will have zero effect on the warranty or guard functionality.

ADDITIONALLY, we may choose to have a certain overlap, modify existing splash-guards, and perform other modifications for the sake of functionality OR to conform to unique gutter fabrication / installation (from original installation). Pine State maintains full discretion and authority to modify installation in whichever way is necessary with a focus on functionality and being economical (to avoid adding costs to homeowner) over cosmetics.



  • 1st floor installation (anything around ~15′ from the ground to the gutter): $11 per linear foot. Some ranch homes may qualify for cheaper install. Don’t be afraid to ask! 🙂
  • 2nd floor installation (anything between  ~15′ and ~24′ from the ground to the gutter): $12 per linear foot.
  • Tall 2nd/3rd floor or larger (anything requiring a 32′ ladder to 40′ ladder or larger to access): $13+ per linear foot.

*Custom gutters, copper gutters, landscaping difficulties (trees, bushes, foliage, etc.), access challenges, and other factors may dictate additional fees. This will be discussed prior to charging.


ODD-NUMBERS: Each run of gutter will be counted individually and rounded up to the nearest foot to account for product waste. For example: if the front of the house is 29.5 feet of gutter guard and the back of the house is 44.5 feet of guard, these numbers would be counted and added as 30 ft and 45 ft respectively.

MATERIALS: Gutter guards are installed for $11 per linear foot on first-story homes and $12 to $13+ per linear foot for second-story or larger homes. This includes the actual gutter guards, all fasteners, all labor for installation, custom-fitting around your property, and our warranty! If additional fasteners are needed, or the job takes longer than expected, you will not be charged more! If there are additional fees necessary, we will cease work and discuss this and other options with you beforehand.


If Pine State installs the gutter-guards and cleans them at a minimum of once-per-3-years (some homes may require a more frequent interval), we offer a 12-year warranty. We will replace, repair, or fix the gutter guards for any reason as long as tri-yearly routine cleaning is maintained throughout the entirety of the 12-year warranty. This tri-yearly visit allows us to keep up with necessary repairs, flush out any potential debris inside the gutters, and more. Repair and/or replacement includes damages from tree branches, storms, or other. Routine gutter-guard cleaning service can be as low as 25% to 50% of the cost of standard gutter cleaning without guards, depending on the home and tree coverage. A minimum service charge may apply depending on your location, your home, and other factors.

Warranty is contingent on routine interval cleanings every 3 years and not skipping service. Some homes may require more frequent cleanings (at the reduced rate) due to type of trees, number of trees, etc. Custom intervals possible for areas with a lack of excessive trees. A technician may visit the site at the 3-year mark and the interval cleanings may be extended if guards are not in need of maintenance-cleaning.


Does not include repairs due to homeowner or contractor damages (such as placing ladder on or against gutter). If damage is caused by homeowner or other contractor, the warranty is voided for that entire run of gutter guard, not necessarily the entire house.

If another contractor or the homeowner disassembles the guard for any reason, the warranty is void for that entire run of gutter. Warranty may or may not be voided for the entire home (at the discretion of the inspector).


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As always, when you inquire with Pine State, you will be treated to our renowned customer-service, a free estimate, and pleasant communication.