Cleaning Concrete, Pavers, Bricks, and other Flatwork

Wash away decades of dirt and grime buildup in a matter of hours with our quality flatwork service!

As with most aspects of home ownership, regular maintenance on your driveway/brick/etc is required. Years and years of weathering and neglect can cause dangerous conditions for your property, your family, or both. Keeping your driveways, walkways, and brick or paver patios clean and clear of algae and dangerous growth is more than just an aesthetic option; it’s a thing of safety.

The BEST part is that when properly cleaned, your concrete or bricks may not require another clean for many years to come! While other factors may need to be taken into consideration, a deep clean of your driveway can go a long way, and light to moderate yearly maintenance may or may not be necessary. Typically, a light clean in the future will cost you less than a deep clean today.

Nobody knows concrete cleaning like Pine State Power Washing. We offer free estimates to help you get the right wash and have your driveway shining once again. We also wash pool patios, brick/concrete pavers, brick walls, stucco walls, flagstone, hardscapes, and much more!

Call us now for your free estimate! Ask us about bulk pricing if you get more than 1 service performed. (919) 500-8207.


In addition to your more standard concrete and brick power washing, we are also well-versed in the art of cleaning natural stone such as Travertine, Marble, or Limestone. These stones are delicate and so are we. Utilizing proper detergents that will not dull the natural finish of the stone, we are able to lift a variety of soils, dirt, etc. For your Raleigh travertine cleaning needs, trust Pine State Pro Wash!