Low Pressure House Washing, Softwash

Low Pressure House Washing:

We use low pressure house washing paired with environmentally conscious cleaning solutions for strong and effective results while keeping your family, pets, house, and plants safe! Need a house softwash in Raleigh? We’ve got you covered!

Our Advantages
A Deeper Clean
Every House, Every Time
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Our Advantages:

Effective, Safe, Strong.

After years of seeing customers getting bamboozled by “reputable” contractors, Pine State Power Washing was born with one goal: To provide the safest, highest quality, and most effective cleaning experience in the Carolinas at competitive prices. Some of what makes our service safe:

  • Low pressure softwash methodology.
  • Focus on quality detergent cleaning as opposed to high pressure cleaning.
  • Plant and property protection is paramount:
    • Knowing a variety of plants and how to care for them.
    • Understanding various surfaces on and around your house and how to care for them.
    • Different homes require different cleaning methods / styles. And we know them!
  • Intensive training for technicians
  • Monthly training to stay sharp.
  • Yearly re-training to refresh technicians on industry trends, refinement processes, etc.
  • Much more!

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With Pine State Power Washing‘s unique customized blend of exterior grade sodium hypochlorite, biodegradable detergents, quality surfactants, and all-natural essential oils, we will rid your house of harmful mold, mildew, algae, fall-out pollutants, debris, and more. All of this while focusing on your long-term satisfaction and not just getting your money today. What can you expect? You can expect results that are safe, compelling, and brilliant. NO CLOROX! That’s for your laundry! Not just your house!

Most of our competitors use either Clorox or they use the same high quality sodium hypochlorite that we use. So why us over them? Well, those competitors use sodium hypochlorite with a basic soap to keep the SH sticking to the surface for longer. But if bleach (SH) alone is all you need when washing your whites, why do you add detergent? This added detergent does what SH does not: lifts soils deeper, cleans deeper, attacks various non-organic stains, attacks road dust for homes near heavy traffic, and much more.

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Every House, Every Time:

Every house is closely analyzed by any of our highly trained technicians. We are meticulous and finicky in our pursuit of the perfect clean, which is why we do it right the first time. Every house gets a thorough cleaning from the top to the bottom; that includes the washing of the following:

-gutters exterior*
-front porch
-hand rails
-front steps
-various other details as deemed necessary by the technician.

*gutter streaks (AKA tiger stripes) can only be removed by hand scrubbing, a service we do offer. Click Here

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Do you need a house wash in Wendell? Or a driveway cleaned in Knightdale? Perhaps you’re looking for gutter cleaning in downtown Raleigh? We service the entire Wake County area and more!