Wood decks are exposed to extreme elements, the worst of which are rain and sunlight. When wood gets wet, it absorbs moisture and swells; then, when it dries out again, it shrinks. This movement eventually creates cracks and checks that allow damaging moisture to penetrate even deeper into the wood. Meanwhile, sunlight contains ultra­violet radiation that degrades the lignin holding the cellulose fibers on the wood’s surface together, causing the surface to turn gray as the fibers detach. Weathering is more of a cosmetic problem than a structural one, but adding free water to a compromised wood surface creates an environment where mold, mildew, and decay fungus can thrive and lead to rot.” – Quoted from Deck Magazine

Source: Deck Magazine

Deck Restoration and Fence Sealing/Staining
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Deck Restoration and Fence Weather Sealing/Staining

Looking for deck staining in Raleigh? Need deck restoration in Cary? Need professional deck sealing in Clayton? Looking for deck repair in Wendell? Pine State has you covered in all of Wake County and Johnston County!

Add years to your wood and save thousands of dollars in potential repairs by trusting Pine State Power Washing to do your stain and sealing needs for you!

  • Instant aesthetic improvement
  • Protection from moisture and the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Drastically reduce chances of warping wood, splitting wood, curling wood, etc
  • Prevention of wood rot
  • Safer walking surface

After we thoroughly clean the deck and rid it of all mold, mildew, algae, dirt, UV damage, and more, we can apply any of our quality wood stains to protect your deck/fence from the elements and extend the life of your wood! We always utilize the highest quality stains and recommend the best products for your deck’s particular needs. Your optimal deck restoration is our top priority.

Not only do we employ the best stains available, we adhere to the highest possible standards when it comes to caring for your wood. From semi-transparent stains to hybrid alkyd resin solid stains, we will help you understand the pros and cons of both and what might be best for your particular deck.

Our ultimate goal is to make your deck the safest, most protected, and the easiest maintainable deck in your neighborhood (unless we do your neighbor’s deck too, then you can have joint deck parties together). We want you to enjoy your deck for years to come with very little concern.

We value your repeat business, so it is important that we do more than just a good job; we must do a PERFECT job. Call us today for a free estimate, (919) 500-8207.

We offer the highest quality deck and porch restoration in Wake and Johnston County, but we also perform various other specialty needs. Our main bread and butter is DECK & PORCH. We can replace full railing systems, install concrete enamel, patch cracks in concrete stoops and slabs, paint your exterior doors and shutters, and much more!

Looking for that something extra to take your curb appeal to the next level? Let’s talk about it.

Call us today for your free estimate at (919) 500-8207!